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About Us

   health noun   the state of being free from illness or injury

   ‘ology  noun    a subject of study; a branch of knowledge

Our Mission is two fold, to look after you and to look after the planet.

We are two fun loving, adventure seeking hippies at heart. We love the mountains, the ocean and everything in between. if we are not busy researching a health product or teaching a workshop, you will likely find us hiking a canyon, catching a wave or taking our dogs to the park.

Between us, we have 50 years of experience in the health industry covering fitness, training, psychology, nutrition, genetic testing and even breath work. 

We are firm believers that being healthy should be easy! But we also know this isn’t always the case. We really do walk the talk.  If it’s health related- you name it, and we’ve  have researched it, tried it and got the T-shirt.

A few years back we stumbled across a superfood stall at a local farmers markets. We loved the product so much we bought the company… well not quite but we did become distributors. Each weekend we packed our van to the brim and set off into the sunrise to the local beachfront markets. 

As much as we loved meeting new people and promoting superfoods to our loyal customers, the 4am starts , sleep deprivation and 7-day working weeks eventually took their toll. We started thinking that there had to be a better way to share our passion, knowledge and products with more people.

And Healthology was born

We aim to bring our combined knowledge and experience to your doorstep by providing superior, ethical and sustainably sourced products.

Products that look after you and look after the planet-after all there is no Planet B

Emma and Tamas =)