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Bath & Beauty: Natural And Organic Products for all your Beauty, Skin care and Hygiene needs

We source our Bath & Beauty range from companies that focus on creating products that are gentle on the skin and the environment. Our suppliers offer a wide range of products many of which are made from certified organic and natural ingredients.

  • Hand creams and foot lotions.
  • Bath and body care lines including exfoliation.
  • Body wash and bath salts.
  • Moisturisers and cleansing products.
  • Sensitive skin- natural and organic products 
  • Body lotions with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Supplements to create beauty from the inside out

Find products to provide your skin with natural beauty that comes from its organic ingredients. The use of natural and organic body care products can contribute to healthier skin and a healthier body. Even from an expert’s point of view, the use of organic products will give your beautiful and flawless skin a longer shelf life. By using more organic ingredients we can avoid toxins, harmful chemicals such as pesticides, preservatives and artificial dyes.

Many of our Bath & Beauty products, are organic and use only natural raw materials whenever possible. Half of all bath and body products contain 100% natural ingredients, the other half from organic farming – raw, cold-pressed oils, natural oils and natural products.

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